Paul Wellenberger Selected General Manager of Fairfield Bay Community Club

Your Club Board is happy to announce that Paul Wellenberger has accepted the GM position. He will assume those new responsibilities January 1, 2013. Paul will fulfill his commitment to the citizens of FFB as Mayor for the remainder of his elected term.

It is important to note that the selection of Paul does not represent a consolidation of the Mayor and Club GM positions. Paul will serve in both capacities until the next scheduled election, at which time a new Mayor may be elected. Most Mayors in small cities have a full time job in addition to their Mayoral responsibilities.

The shifting dynamics and economics of the Club led the Board of Directors to seek a proven business manager rather than a manager with a “Club” background. Our marketing study confirmed that we are a resort business owned by a property owners association. Paul has a proven career record of successfully managing a complex business structure with positive returns for the stakeholders. We are confident our stakeholders will value those skills in the challenging times we face.

Paul’s commitment to the success and growth of FFB is apparent to everyone who knows him. His integrity is above reproach, yet the Board, recognizing the potential for real or perceived conflict of interest in the dual responsibilities he will be fulfilling for an interim period, have restricted his authority in decision making relative to any financial dealings with the City. The City Council and the Club will each designate a representative to address such dealings.

Paul knows FFB, he requires no learning curve to be at speed. The growing bond of cooperation between Club and City can be cemented during his remaining Mayoral term with high expectations that his successor as Mayor will enjoy an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship with Paul as the Club GM.

Please join us in congratulating Paul on his new position. Remember the joint Club/City town hall meeting is December 10th, 5:00 at Indian Hills Country Club.

Community Club Board of Directors

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