Partnership to “Stop the Bleed”

Little Rock, Ark. – The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) has partnered with the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS), the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), and Arkansas Children’s (ACH) to offer the “Stop the Bleed” Train-the-Trainer (T3) course for Arkansas School Nurses. The program provides bystanders the skills and basic training to stop uncontrolled bleeding in emergency situations, in order to save lives until professional responders arrive. The program is being offered free of charge to the first 300 school nurses who register per session, and at the end of the 3-hour course, participants will be able to train others in the program.
“MEMS recognizes that no matter how quickly our professionals respond to an emergency, there will already be bystanders on the scene,” says Clayton Goddard, MEMS special operations supervisor. “It only takes five minutes for someone to die from blood loss, so this training gives bystanders the critical skills needed to quickly stop blood loss until professional emergency responders arrive on the scene.”
“Stop the Bleed” is a national campaign that provides the public with proper bleeding control techniques, including how to use their hands, dressings and tourniquets. After the training, those who have gone through the program will then be able to train others in these techniques.
“We are pleased that school nurses are among the first in Arkansas to be able to participate in this train-the-trainer course,” said ADE Commissioner Johnny Key. “School nurses are front-line staff in health and safety within a school. This training reinforces their skills specific to slowing blood loss and saving lives in an emergency situation. In addition, they will be equipped to train others to assist in an emergency.”
“The ADH is pleased to partner with MEMS, ADE, ACH, and other partners to offer ‘Stop the Bleed’,” said Greg Brown, Branch Chief for Trauma and Emergency Response. “Our hope is that through this train-the-trainer course, thousands of Arkansans will become empowered to quickly save lives if they are faced with an emergency as an immediate bystander.”
The training is made possible through an ADH grant to MEMS. The “Stop the Bleed” training will be held Wednesday, August 9th at Cabot High School, and Thursday, August 10th at George Junior High School in Springdale. Participants can register at and 3.0 contact hours will be provided by the UAMS Office of Continuing Education. If you are interested in learning more about how this training can be offered to your community, contact MEMS at 501-301-1400 or your local Fire or EMS Agencies.

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