Owner Membership Cards 2014

Sometime during January, all property owners received their 2014 “official membership card” to the FFB Community Club. You may have noticed that the old paper card has been replaced with a new “permanent” plastic card. There are a number of reasons the Club invested in this permanent, electronic strip card format:

Savings – The cost to create the permanent card was about 150% of our annual paper card cost. That means we will enjoy annual savings beginning next year and each subsequent year.

Efficiency – With the electronic strip, updates are computer generated and instantaneous. You can present this card at any amenity and they can verify your eligibility for owner benefits and pricing.

Security – Use of these cards will enable verification for access to amenities such as our swimming pools, reducing the opportunity for abuse by non members.

Convenience – All primary phone numbers are printed on the back, making it an easy reference for you to contact the Club from home or while traveling.

Some owners erroneously received only a single card when their household requires two, please contact Owner Services to secure your additional card. We apologize for any inconvenience. Additionally, we only send cards to owners who reside in the state of Arkansas and are current on their accounts. Out of state owners are invited to visit owner services when they visit FFB to acquire their new card.

Please protect your new card(s) to insure they can provide years of service. You will be subject to replacement costs of $5 per card should you lose or damage yours. Replacement cards are available by contacting owner services.

Community Club Board of Directors
Dwayne Miller

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