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buffalo river canoe copyThe Fairfield Bay Outdoor Adventure Group will take it’s annual Upper Buffalo river canoe trip April 22. This upper section of the river has about 45 small water rapids which need to be traversed. As such, this section of the Buffalo River has the potential to tip your canoe over. However, we will only canoe on April 22 if the water level in the Buffalo River is at an appropriate level for our skill level. In the past, we had participants from ages 10 to near 80 years old. If the weather or river level is unacceptable, we will reschedule the trip to April 29. Later in the spring we will take a more float down the Buffalo River.
Singles are welcome and we will pair them up in a canoe as best we can. Each canoe rents for $60 and each vehicle will be shuttled for $30. If you have a canoe or kayak you can bring it and just pay a vehicle shuttle fee. We will car pool from the Top of The Rock parking lot and stop for Brunch at the Leslie Cafe or another small town cafe.
The following is a testimomial from one of our former elders who “ran” this section of the buffalo river alone in a kayak.
“Hi Tom! Happy memories of our trip last year! I just turned 80 so I’m one of those “80 plus” persons you mentioned…..and I so appreciate having the opportunity to go with your group last year…I hope you get a good turnout. …you have to go with the flow, and sometimes that’s backwards, watching huge boulders fly by, if you’re lucky! The scenery is beautiful! Enjoy!” Joyce Hartmann
So, if this is on your “Bucket list”(If not now, when?) or if you want to take on this section of the river again, please contact Tom Welch, mailto:[email protected] or 501 884-3135. Please note, this Advenure is open to visitors and our Time Share guests

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