OUT OF BOUNDS By Geary (Smedley) Leason

Smedley Files Reviewed 

Reaction to the recently published Smedley Files, G. Gordon Smedley’s scathing expose of the sea of conspiracies the world swims in, has been exceedingly pungent both in praise and revulsion. To give you an idea, here are just a few comments: “Unadulterated Hogwash!” NY Times; “Absolutely brilliant! I am buying the movie rights!” says Oliver Stone; “They should have never let this guy out!” Psychiatry Today; “No Mas Smedley!” Madrid Daily; “No question – Smedley is the best and the brightest!” Stephen King.

And more: “No way the Federal Reserve is planning to print money next year!” said Ben Bernanke: And Prince Abbi Shabbi of petroleum giant Aramco denied anything to do with squelching H20 as fuel for autos and was especially adamant about having anything to do with causing Barstow, CA to disappear. Dan Brown of “the Da Vinci Code,” however, endorsed Smedley’s take on the Illuminati and Opus Dei. He is thinking about writing a book on these two Secret Societies.

The jury of public opinion is caught between a suspension of disbelief and total puzzlement. Is Smedley on to something really big? Or is he a raving lunatic? Or maybe he is somewhere in between like most people, prone to believe that conspiracies are indeed a reality of life.

Once again, I turned to my trusted friends at Smedwick World Institute for Truth (SWIFT) for an objective analysis of the Smedley Files. SWIFT is a non-profit think tank staffed by people who have no axes to grind; they are simply seekers of the Truth, receiving no compensation for their efforts. Here is their final report on G. Gordon Smedley and his Files:

1. Conspiracies exist in the present and have always been at work throughout human history

2. Conspiracies are essentially human constructs driven by the flawed nature inherent in all humanity.

3. Conspiracies have no Alien Agency. There are no non-human or partial human creatures today or ever in time – among us – such as Reptilians who purportedly hate us and seek to destroy mankind.

4. Large conspiracies do exist as criminal enterprises such as the Mafia and several South American, Russian and Mexican drug rings.

5. Economic conspiracies/cartels involving price fixing, bribery and criminal threats are common.

6. Generally speaking, humans have an innate distrust of authority and are quick to believe stories that smack of conspiracies. This helps to explains why 70% of U.S. citizens do not accept the Warren Commission Report of the assassination of JFK.

7. The very nature of human psychology, with its bent to selfishness and arrogance, is rich soil for conspiratorial thinking. We like to think that we know the “true” story and that most people, unlike ourselves, are gullible fools. And because we, in our own minds, can easily create schemes for ill-gotten gains, we have no problem in projecting that others can and do conspire for selfish gain and advantage. Have you ever cheated in school? Did you ever pilfer something that didn’t belong to you? Have you ever thought of schemes to lighten your tax burden? If you answered “YES” to any of these then you have the mind of a conspirator!

8. Humans are fascinated by stories of intrigue, horror and mystery, giving rise to acceptance of some “new” revelation of exaggerated conspiracies and especially the mysteries that surround “Secret Societies.” Think of the popularity of fiction such as the “Da Vinci Code,” Zombie and Vampire books and movies. Even our nursery and youth stories feature mythical entities that are out to do us in, such as The Big Bad Wolf and the Gingerbread Lady in Hansel and Gretel.

SWIFT concludes that G. Gordon Smedley is a con artist and that his Files are his blatant and cynical attempt to make a buck by passing off concocted and outrageous tales as “inside” information, inducing millions of foolish conspiracy-prone believers to buy his book.

(Editor’s note: The Smedley Files as of this report is No. 1 on the NY Times Best Seller List).

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