OUT OF BOUNDS By Geary (Smedley) Leason

The Smedley Files Part II

Did you ever ask yourself why our nation is involved in the morass of the Middle East, spilling blood and money on the sands and mountain passes in lands where people hate us? Are we fighting for noble reasons and just causes – or is there something else at play here?

And while we are at it – did you ever question the need for the U.S. to get involved with all the European animosities in the 1900’s? Did someone in our government know in advance of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941? And how about 9/11 – was there also something fishy at work here? Has our government fully revealed the existence of alien intrusions and hid their spacecraft in the New Mexico desert? Did the CIA have anything to do with the AIDS virus? And what about the major pharmaceutical monopolies scuttling proven cures for cancer such as laetrile or REF rays that can zap the cancer cells in the bud?

And in case you think that all this conjecture is merely the ravings of a handful of paranoids, over 70% of the U.S. public do not believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission report on the JFK assassination that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone as the shooter. You are not necessarily paranoid if you think somebody is following you – for all you know somebody is following you, especially since recent disclosures by NSA operative, Edward Snowden.

G. Gordon Smedley, having suffered grievously at the hands of certain officials has dedicated his life and fortune to exposing the sea of conspiracies we all float in. Together with his band of Snoopers, a collection of malcontents, skeptics, leakers, whistle blowers, disgruntled employees, and the like, Smedley has published the encyclopedic tome, The Smedley Files which documents all things conspiratorial. Creating this volume involved using every research and investigational tool possible, including the ancient Rosetta Stone, Ouija boards, unknown Babylonian texts, Morse Code, X-Rays, and abacuses. The most effective investigational tactic used by Smedley Snoopers, however, was their infiltration into the many Secret Societies (SS) where they learned of the SS’s diabolic schemes at work in their quest for a New World Order.

Friend, you are NOT a wacko if you are suspicious that there is something out there – a giant conspiracy at work not only to control you but to eliminate you! Here is what the Snoopers learned as they penetrated the dominant and active Secret Societies including the Trilateral Commission, The Illuminati, Opus Dei, Skull & Bones, Knights Templar, and the ultimate evil force- the Reptilian Agenda, also known as “Anunnaki”! The imbedded Snoopers were able to eavesdrop on the SS Conspiracy Summit held during the recent Summer Solstice at the Lost City of Atlantis, where SS plans for world domination were recast for the upcoming year. The Snoopers learned that SS plan to add a new strain of the ebola virus into a flavor ingredient, grown only in Uganda, which is universally used in the manufacture of soft drinks. As these branded drinks are consumed throughout the world, widespread ebola panic will set in creating a demand for a countering vaccine – which the SS will have conveniently on hand. But – this vaccine, while effective in controlling the ebola virus, also contains nanoparticles that work to destroy the rational part of the human brain, transforming each vaccinated person into a compliant, mindless slave beholden only to the New World Order.

Another demonic move by the SS planned for 2014 is the scheme for the Federal Reserve and the World Bank (both entities are already controlled by the SS) to flood the financial markets with fiat currency creating an intolerable inflation rate which then will devastate the world’s economies and foment worldwide chaos. In desperation, the people will then beg for a New World Order, and finally all the peoples of the Earth will be slaves of the SS master group – The Reptilian Agenda – THE ANNUNAKI!

To find out what you can do to avoid to becoming a mindless tool of the Reptilians, it is imperative that you get your hands on the Smedley Files, now on sale at your local Nut and Fruitcake Stand.

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