OUT OF BOUNDS By Geary (Smedley) Leason

The Smedley Files

There is widespread belief that much of the world’s structures – banks, business, military, medicine, governments, media, politics, academia, religions, are all controlled by a secretive cabal, motivated only by their lust for unlimited power and boundless greed. Many believe that this mysterious brotherhood has fomented most of history’s major throes such as the Worldwide Depression in the 1930’s, the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Bay of Pigs in 1963 and the Polio epidemic in the 1950’s. Other catastrophic events ascribed to this mysterious bunch are the Hundred Years War (1500’s), the Real Estate Bubble (2000’s), the French Revolution (1790), HIV in the 1980’s and, of course, the assassination of JFK in 1963. And these shattering episodes are only the tip of the iceberg according to G. Gordon Smedley, author of The Smedley Files.

G. Gordon Smedley, no stranger to controversy himself, after serving fifteen years in a state institution for statutory paranoia and serial delusional B&E, upon his release five years ago, has dedicated his life to exposing these depraved masters of the universe. To assist Smedley in his crusade to free mankind from the brutal yoke of this unnamed – as yet – malevolent brotherhood, he enlisted a selected set of people – given the name Smedley’s Snoopers- to assist him in unmasking these unscrupulous puppet masters.

By posting notices in such journals as True Detective, Soldier of Fortune, Mad Magazine, Mysteries of the Orient and on match box covers, Smedley was immediately swamped with thousands of willing accolades to the sacred cause of exposing conspiracies. From the mountains in the West came whistle blowers and leakers; from the hills in the East arose undercover agents, grifters and disgruntled employees; from the city sidewalks came defrocked clergy and convicted swindlers; from the Beltway emerged insiders and religious kooks; from Broadway popped jilted lovers and John Birchers; from the farmlands of the Midwest arose Aryan Nationalists and many behind- the- scene managers. Smedley’s army of skeptics and snoopers was thus assembled and became the foundation of the Smedley Files. These files document and expose the many conspiracies that continue to harm the many for the ill-gotten gains of the few, the diabolic elite. The following conspiracy is just one of the many conspiracies that Smedley’s Snoopers brought to light in the captivating and freshly published Smedley Files.

It is the tale of an ongoing, but little known conspiracy, the conspiracy to withhold water as the ultimate low cost fuel for automobiles. Several years ago, three Israeli scientists found a way to separate and harness hydrogen from water. They then created an automobile engine to employ this freed up hydrogen as its fuel. This concept was overwhelmingly validated when, in 1995, a Chevrolet Cavalier, motored from Montclair, NJ to Barstow, CA, averaging 75 miles per hour – all on an incredible 2 quarts of water! (Popular Home Mechanics, Sept., 1996).

As every high school physics student knows, water consists of 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen (H2O); and we all know the immense power within the hydrogen molecule by way of the humongous “H” Bomb. And where did this ‘H” bomb get its hydrogen? From a bucket of water just like the Chevy Cavalier! If the hydrogen molecule could be released from the H2O and thus be used as the vital energy source for the combustion engine, the world would no longer need to rely on costly and polluting petroleum. Jillions of dollars and countless lives could be saved.

And remarkably yet, even today – eighteen years later – nobody knows anything of this phenomenal breakthrough that would revolutionize life on this planet! How Can This Be?

The Smedley Files reveal, with overwhelming proof, that Arabian petroleum producers – under the control of who knows who – knowing that water fueled vehicles would seriously impact their source of income, caused all the elements of the hydrogen breakthrough – the Israeli scientists, the Chevy Cavalier, the test driver and his girlfriend and much of Barstow, CA – to disappear!

Next week, The Smedley Files will tell the rest of the Hydrogen Squelch Conspiracy and – as an added bonus – will reveal the true story of the assassination of JFK as orchestrated by LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover, perhaps both unwitting puppets of an ancient cult. Don’t miss this! And More!

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