OUT OF BOUNDS by Geary Leason

Down and Out GolfcartJudge Robert Bork, a well-known conservative legal scholar who was nominated for the Supreme Court Bench in 1987 passed away a few weeks ago. In a tempestuous confirmation hearing before the US Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Bork was rejected because enough Senators disagreed with Bork’s contention that the rulings involving the Constitution be rendered on an “original intent” basis. This conservative view was – and still is – very much opposed by those who favor a more activist role by our courts. The Senatorial opposition was so strident and the defeat so rare that Judge Bork’s name became a verb: getting ‘borked’ is what happens to a nominee rejected for what supporters consider political motives. (NY Times).”

Judge Bork also wrote a book in 1996 titled, Slouching Toward Gomorrah, with a subtitle, “Modern Liberalism and American Decline.” This book traces the decline of morals and time-honored standards in every facet of our national and individual lives. Whether it be personal moral standards, business ethics, law, religion, or popular culture, we as a nation were on a downward spiraling path to becoming a wretched nation not much different in character from the cesspool described in Scripture as the debauched city of Gomorrah.

Many of us here in the Bay agree with Judge Bork’s assessment. We are very aware of a monumental shift and continuing decline from the values of our youth. For example, in our day unwedded pregnancy was seen as a shameful situation vs. today where it is seen as a badge of honor in our high schools. Sex outside of marriage was not an acceptable norm even though our practice did not live up to this lofty standard. At least we did not openly applaud the deviation as in today’s world. And certainly sex outside the norms of gender was not saluted as well. Today, we are asked to hold the rings for Steve and Adam as they trod up the church aisle heading for the altar.

To see how far this Slouching to Gomorrah can go, I contacted Ralph Smedley, who is widely known for his work in the field of Extrapolation, the science of estimating outside the known range. Ralph has applied his expertise to Judge Bork’s list and these news stories are what he “sees” forty years from now, the year 2053:

Society Page: “Mr. Peter Porter and Mr. Sam Shumway Celebrate the arrival of their Latest Clonnee, “Repeater Sam Porter-Shumway.” The birth mother was “Eileen,” a purebred donkey.

Sports Page: “San Francisco Patsies defeat Key West Kissers XXV IT SuperBowl by a slight Touch!” The game of IT or “tag” replaced the violence-ridden game of football some years back.

Science News: “More Global Freezing Talks Held in Peking.” Once again, every nation but the U.S. was in attendance. The U.S. remains skeptical of the “science” concerning this latest threat.

Political News: “George Soros IV wins US Presidency with the High Bid of $1.5 trillion.” Soros beat out Mississippi Trial Lawyer Scooter McLoot who bid $1.2 trillion.

Legal Section: “Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Expanded Group Marriage”

In a 9-0 decision, the Court ruled that free-range chickens, organic sheep, and Golden Retrievers could not be excluded as marriage partners.

Financial News: “The Greek Parliament Voted Today Against Bailing out the US Treasury Again. No More Drachmas for Them, They Declared” The US debt reached unsustainable levels ten years ago and the US has been operating out of chapter Eleven ever since.

Religion Page: “Hedonism Now the Leading Religion in the US!”

The hearts and souls of the American public were captured by the Hedonist’s mantra, “Recreational pot gives you all the love and peace you’ll ever need!”

Conclusion: Buy the book, “How to Build an Ark on a Budget’ by Noah.

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