Osage Point Progressing Nicely with Mild Weather

Mike Lester

The weather has tried to slow us down, but we keep on pushing forward. The for last week and a half the sewer extension to Osage Point has progressed nicely. The utility contractor from Mtn. Home has been busy installing man holes and sewer main piping.
The foundations for townhome units #111 and #113 are laid and all of the under slab rough-ins are nearing completion. This weeks weather is looking good for pouring a lot of concrete. All slabs for the first two units will be poured by the end of next week 2/3/17. The following week will bring forth the lumber and framing crews. Should have a building to look at by mid February. Exciting times! Stop by and see the progress!
Please contact our local Fairfield Bay Realtors for Pricing and availability.

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