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Wear & Share


1st BoardPictured is the first Board of Directors L-R, Bonnie Busch, Treasurer, Iris Gustafson, President, Anne Roberts, Vice President and Kay Paden, Secretary

Wear & Share began in December 1995 as a non-profit Ecumenical organization brought together by Rev. Glen Nagel of Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian in Fairfield Bay to continue the work of Project Share whose corporation was being dissolved by Barb and Cleve Hewett.A board of directors elected by the six church of Fairfield Bay.  The six incorporating churches were Cornerstone Evangelical Church, Fairfield Bay Baptist Church, Faith Lutheran Church, United Methodist Church, Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian and St. Francis Catholic Church.The Wear & Share Thrift Store is located at 2941 Highway 330 South, Shirley, Arkansas. The mailing address is P.O. Box 1081 Fairfield Bay.  The building was purchased from the Project Share corporation and has been paid for in full.  The building has been expanded three times.  An addition to the building was added for in-take and was paid in full in July, 2001.  Further additions have been paid for, providing a much larger and better work area.  In 2013 the store got a face-lift and total reorganization in the shopping area, making shopping easier. Clients are referred to Wear & Share by the Department of Human Services (DHS), area churches and pastors and the fire and law enforcements agencies, enabling Wear & Share to provide services to residents of Van Buren County and the surrounding area through the sale of clothing, furniture, bedding, small appliances and kitchen and bath items.  Wear & Share also responds to requests for aid after natural disasters such as tornadoes, fire and floods. Wear & Share is fortunate to be able to help needy people by making annual monetary gifts to such non-profit organizations as the Animal Protection League, Fairfield Bay Library, Food For Life, Dove House, Main Street Kids, The Call, Care Caps, Van Buren County Aging Program, Van Buren County Literacy Council, and the Arkansas Boys Ranch.  In addition, Wear & Share help support foster children and others in need through DHS and offers single parent scholarships to be used to further education. A new recycling program was started in 2011.  What we recycle is reused once again.  It is sent to Texas and from there, goes all over the world.

Diana Lamb is the manager, assisted by Jo Chandler and 62 willing, unselfish volunteers. Wear & Share is a progressive organization and needs the support of area residents.   We welcome you!  Come see us!

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