On Patrol September 2013

By Chris Waring

Halloween is just around the corner and that means lots of children running around in costumes in the darkness. Children are focused on candy and pay a lot less attention to traffic than normal. This one evening of the year more than any other, drivers need to be especially vigilant. We will have several officers on duty that night to ensure safety and any speeding or dangerous actions near children will be met with greatly reduced tolerance. Please slow down and lets have a safe night of “trick or treating.”

Calls in September featured 1 residential burglary, 1 commercial burglary, 5 reports of thefts, papers served on 3 people, 1 report of criminal trespassing, 1 illegal dumping, 5 domestic disturbance calls, 1 report of theft of services and 1 fire call. We also responded to 2 animals running loose, 1 disturbance, 1 reported terroristic threat, worked 1 accident, found a missing person, had a report of animal abuse, 1 reported case of attempted fraud and 43 public service calls.

Traffic stops were lighter than usual, with 4 defective equipment stops, 1 expired tag 1 driving on suspended license, 1 no license plate, 3 speeding, 1 obstructing traffic and 1 stop sign violation. 4 traffic citations were issued and 5 non traffic citations were issued. Arrests featured 3 on outstanding warrants, 1 disorderly conduct, 1 resisting arrest and 1 domestic battery, 3rd degree. Warrants were processed on 2 persons and 11 investigations were opened. Questions or comments please E-mail me at [email protected] Please drive safe and have a good month.

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