On Patrol October 2013

The Van Buren County 911 center is housed at the DPS building in Fairfield Bay. Every day, dozens of calls are received for emergencies. Also, numerous calls are received when the caller hangs up or its kids playing with the phone. Most people think when they run out of minutes or discontinue a plan, the phone no longer works. Almost all phones will still make emergency calls, even with a dead battery or no plan. Giving these phones to children to play with causes 911 to receive numerous calls everyday. The dispatcher is then forced to attempt to call back or send an officer to that location.

Another frequent call is when the phone is bumped in your pocket and calls 911. A dispatcher will call you back and leave a voice mail if they can’t get a hold of you. Please call us back so we know there is no emergency. If you call by mistake or get surprised that an old phone calls 911, stay on the line and tell them there is no emergency. Doing these things helps our dispatch center insure that all emergencies are responded to and the accidental calls do not require them to waste valuable time trying to see if you’re ok.

Calls for October: 8 people served with papers, 1 reported stolen vehicle, 4 Disturbance calls, 2 thefts, 4 reports of dogs running loose, 6 accidents worked, 2 trespassing complaints, 1 reported dog bite, kids riding on the streets in a golf cart, 1 reported battery and 2 excessive dogs barking. Other calls included, 1 report of criminal mischief, 2 assists to the Sheriff’s office, 1 domestic dispute, 1 residential burglary, 3 suspicious persons checked, 2 suspicious vehicles checked, 1 house fire, 3 reports of suspicious activity, 1 reported vandalism case and 43 public service calls.

Traffic stops are again increasing with 3 defective equipment stops, 2 expired tag stops, 15 speeding stops, 1 driving left of center, 3 no license plate, 1 not stopping at a stop sign and 1 improper passing. 9 traffic citations were issued and 3 non traffic citations. Arrests featured 4 for outstanding warrants, 2 driving on suspended license, 1 unauthorised use of a vehicle and 1 public intoxication. Warrants were processed on 4 persons and 9 investigations were opened. As always, I encourage questions or comments, E-mail me at [email protected] Please slow down and have a safe Thanksgiving.

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