October Library Membership Drive

October is the month for’s Fairfield Bay Library Annual Membership Drive, and we are looking to add new members this year. The cost of our membership levels will remain unchanged. New additions of books, audio-books, DVD movies, and video games will be available. The wide selection of books and movies are a big plus for readers and movie buffs.

Unlike other libraries in Arkansas, our library does not receive any funds from the state or county. Fortunately, memberships, donations and sponsorships keep the library funded and up to date with the latest publications, Internet and wireless service. The expenses are not limited to book purchases, as there are utilities, taxes and other business expenses. The library has a 501 c3, non-profit status, which means you can claim a tax deduction for your donation.

Memberships can be anything from a Lifetime Membership to a Basic Membership. Lifetime Memberships are a one-time donation of $500 or more. All other levels renew yearly, Visionary Membership is $50 and up, a year (includes 2 cards), Book of the Year Membership is $30 and up (includes 2 cards), Basic II is $20 (includes 2 cards), and Basic I is $15 (one card). Junior cards, 1 – 17 years of age is free. Lifetime members are included in library functions. Visionary and Book of the Year receive the gift of a book bag.

For those of you who are hooked into social media and the Internet, the Library is now on Facebook and has its own website ( to keep you updated on happenings and events.

Come visit the Library, take a tour and see all we have to offer you as a new member. If you previously joined and have not renewed for a few years, come on in and see what changes and improvements have been made and renew your card. You will be glad you did.

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