New Community Theater Opens In The Bay









The “Not So Level Ground Arts” (NSLGA) theater company opens with it’s inauguration play “Santa Claus vs. The Martians” at the Bay View in December. The new theater company is a spin-off of Level Ground Arts (LGA) theater in Dallas, TX. “It will have the same non-traditional and a little off-beat style of my first acting experiences at LGA,” said Jim Beach the Artistic Director of the new troupe. “There is a lot of talent in the area and real thirst in the community for more good local entertainment.”

“Santa Claus vs. The Martians,” opening the first two weekends of next month, is a whimsical interpretation of the 1963 children’s Christmas film of the same name. The playwright, Andi Allen of Dallas, had great success with it last year, so much so that she is staging it again this Christmas at LGA. It is definitely oriented toward an adult audience but, will be suitable and enjoyable for kids as well. “The playwright did a marvelous job of balancing innuendo and kid-friendly,” said Beach, “The kids and adults will probably be laughing different parts of the play for different reasons.”

Four plays are scheduled for 2013. They are “No Country for Raising Brother Fargo” (comedy) at the end of May, “Singing for Jesus” (musical) the beginning of July, “May Never Arrive” (drama) the end of August and for Christmas “Island of the Misfit Toys” next December. “All of these plays will be a little edgy,” Beach continued. “We are looking to also attract summer and weekend lake visitors, in addition to the residents of Fairfield Bay who enjoy the theater.”

Planning on being a true community based theater, all NSLGA proceeds will go to the Fairfield Bay Animal Shelter. They are also getting great support in preparing for the plays from Faith Lutheran Church, the Lion’s Club, Wear & Share and the Community Club as well as a number of talented residents. They would like to encourage anyone who is the least bit interested in theater to get involved, from acting to staging, costumes, lighting, any and all aspects, and jump in. Contact [email protected]

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