New Club Website:

The Community Club has obtained an inventory of lots over the years through involuntary acquisitions. While we have no interest in competing with our exceptional local real estate organizations, our offices occasionally receive contact from interested parties asking if we have lots available.

Implementing this new website gives us an attractive means of directing such parties to a brief summary of our more exceptional properties. It may also be a means of attracting inquiries for potential resale home purchasers that we can direct to our local realtors. The Club has no expectations of significant sales activity as a result of this new site, but even an occasional lot transaction will add cash to our operations.

These listed properties all have bright yellow signage directing them to this website for the benefit of guests exploring the Bay and wondering about available home sites.

See for yourself at what attractive properties are available from the Club and please pass this website along to anyone you know that may express an interest in joining us here in the Bay.

Community Club Board of Directors /Dwayne Mille

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