More Letters To Santa


Shirley Elementary Students shared their letters to Santa with us. Dear Santa Claus, My name is Akayla Rocha, I am 5 years old. I live in the great town of Shirley. This year, Ive been really good and it would be super cool if you could bring me these things this year: #1. Sitrman Toe, #2.Batman toe #3 A ril cat. Thank you. You’re the best santa ever! P.S. Please tell Mrs Claus and the Elves Hi! for me. Dear Santa, My name is Zeke Hardy, I’m 6, I would like an mreo bakpak, a sidrman toy, a remot kontrol katman toy. Thank you. Dear Santa, My name is Brady, I’m 6 and would like a Batman toe, an IPad and Spidrman toe. Thank you. Dear Santa, my name is Charisma Faught, I’ve been good and it would be sooper if you could bring me a Horsta, to cat and soopgrl. Thank you. Hi Santa, I am Clara Bradley, 6 yrs old. It would be great if you bring me a kittn, a uppe, and pictur of a ruedof and Santa. Thank you. Dear SAnta, I am Larry, 5 years old, I’ve been good. could you bring me a sleep bag. A ril cat. and a book. Thank you. Hi Santa: I am Reid Brafford, and 5 years old. I live in Shirley and have been reallly good. I would like if you brought me stompeez, a ros moovie and lcd – someone lik u. Dear Santa, My name is Abby, and I’m 5 years old. i would like a brbe, a bol, and a jak in the box. Thank you. Dear Santa, I am gary Passmore, 6 I live in Fairfield Bay, I’ve been good, it would be awesome if you could bring me a race track, a remote controle airplane, a remote control monster truck. Thank you. PS please tell Mrs Clas and the Elves I Love you for me. Dear Santa, I am Addison and I would like a pink BB gun, a fake black horse and ice skates. Thank you. Dear Santa, I am Katie Torres, 5, I live in Fairfield Bay, have been good and would like a pink pair of scissors, a pink ball, pink, purple and blue barbie clothes. Dear Santa, I am 5, my name is Bella and I live in Shirley. I would like a Furby, and new pink boots and a new coloring book. Thank you. Dear Santa, I am Anna, 6 yrs old and would like a Barbie Airplane, Build-a-bear clothes and a baby doll that looks like me. Dear Santa, I am Jose, I am 6 and live in Shirley, I’ve been good and would love to get a rodeo rope, Justin beeber barbie and 2 monster trucks. Keep up the good work. The next group of letters are from older kids. Dear Santa, can you get my Mom a cross neckalis because she has help me with my himework and she clenes a lot. And she takes me anywar I want and she lets me get icecream. And I will do my homework 3-25 of December. Plses Sana. Love, Hogan. Dear Santa, I want to get Stormy an I Pod becasue she is a good friend. She is my freind. Love, Emily. Dear Santa, I want you give my mom something. If you can give her peace and quiet. Because we are to loud. Love, James. Dear Santa, Plase give Sylas a magnafire glass. Becasue we have a auction mostly on fridays. Usaly he has eleven or less dollars. I feel so sorry for him because he really wants a magnafire glass. Please, please , please get Sylas a magnafire glass. I promise I will give you more than 3 cookies. Love, Kadence. Dear Santa, My ants name is Dana. She need baby toys because she has a baby. Can you please get baby toys to my ant Dana. I will try to get good grads in school. Love, Carter. Dear Santa. Will you do something for me>. Will you please let my Dad kill a buck on the two day hunt. Because it will be the therd deer this year. Then we’ll have a lot of meet. This will be grate becase I love deer meet. Will hyou help him. I willtell my mom to make cookies. Sincerely, Wyatt. Dear Santa Claus, Will you give kids in Arecksu some clos. They need them , They are really good and nice. Will you ples do this for me. Thay rely need clos a lot, Santa. Dear Santa, My mom needs a knew car becous is macks sounds and bracks down sometimes. Its a mees. I’ll be varry good all my life.Sincerely love, Lanie. Dear Santa, I want you to geav my mom a bunch of fiching pols. She is a good fisher. Love, Ariana. Dear Santa, Please let my mom get us back. Then we can play a lot of games. It is not her falt we got tooking away from her.. Sincerely, Trace.

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