Meet the Tellers For Story Fest

Barbara McBride-Smith
Barbara is a storyteller who transports you from the ancient world of the Greek gods and goddesses to the post-modern experiences of her Baby Boomer generation. She  narrates the lives of shady ladies and bad boys of the Bible, navigates literature with the heart and soul of a librarian, identifies with country music and rock n’ roll, and interprets it all with a Texas-born cheerleader’s perspective. Entertainer, historian, preacher, and storyteller all rolled into one, Barbara McBride-Smith serves up sweet truth with a side of southern grit. Through her stories, she takes you on a journey through your life as it intersects with hers and brings you back home to yourself!

Willy Claflin
“Accompanied by his faithful sidekick Maynard Moose, Willy Claflin has brought his unhinged comedy and musical surprises to stages across the country and beyond, from California to Cape Clear, Ireland. As a musician, puppeteer, and improviser, an artist of precision and his fellow storytellers stand in awe of that artistry…   Willy deconstructs the puppet experience–no stages, no sleight of hands, no ventriloquism, no hiding of the puppeteer…   done with a full understanding of how narrative and performance works.”
Winner of the National Storytelling Network’s 2010 Circle of Excellence Award

Priscilla Howe
Priscilla became a full-time storyteller in 1993, because she loves telling stories – funny, scary, serious, goofy and sophisticated stories, tailored to the audience in front of me. You’ll find her at festivals, school assemblies and residencies, juvenile detention centers, libraries, house concerts, colleges and coffeehouses performing in English, French and occasionally Bulgarian.  Performing with young children, her hand puppets come along for the ride; older kids and adults, she may bring out stories for more refined sensibilities.

Bobby Norfolk
Bobby is an  Arts Educator. He has received three Emmy Awards as host for the television series  Gator Tales and is also the host of the Emmy Award nominated cable series Children’s Theater at Bobby’s House. Norfolk performs internationally for both children and adults and is also a regular performer at the  National Storytelling Festival.
In October 2009, children’s author and Emmy winning storyteller Bobby Norfolk was given the Circle of Excellence Oracle Award, an honor presented by the National Storytelling Network, which recognizes the very best storytellers in the country. This prestigious award is given to artists for exceptional commitment and exemplary contributions to the art of storytelling.
Remember – April 23, 2011 for Story Fest!
The new location in the mall area should make parking and walking, and access to tents easier.  Let’s make it the center of an exciting weekend.

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