Master Gardeners Visit West Side Elementary

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Master Gardeners, Gay, Alice, Carolyn, Gloria, Dot, Mary, Linda, and Ron visited Greers Ferry West Side Elementary on January 11, 2013. The fifth grade students reviewed past lessons, discussed our favorite foods, the ingredients they contain, and how they are related to plants or depend on plants. We discussed other things that we need that come from plants such as vitamins, paper, wood, rubber, oxygen, clothes, and money. The students were then allowed to make sombreros using newspapers. They then decorated the sombreros creating fruits and vegetables using various craft items reinforcing their learning.

The sixth grade students were given some background information and the many uses of gourds throughout history. They were shown many shapes of gourds and their uses. The students were shown what they look like when drying and instructed on the cleaning process to prepare them for decorating or their other many uses. The students were then given a gourd of their own that was grown in our school garden. Each student was allowed to decorate their gourd as they chose, creating a beautiful birdhouse to take home.

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