2012 Master Gardeners Certification Training Class

class2012Pictured above is the 2012 training class for the Van Buren County Master Gardeners. (L-R) VBC Extension agent,Danny Griffin, Robert and Marie Pett, Justin Bonds, Maud Huber, Donna McBride, Lillian Pitt, Ruth Henley and the Master Gardener Project Leader, Steve Smith. The group is participating in a forty hour training program, along with groups from three other counties, to become certified Master Gardeners. The roses they hold are from one of the VBC Master Gardener projects, Ed Leamon Park, in Fairfield Bay. After completion of the course in December, the new class is obligated to work forty hours next year on the various Master Gardener projects throughout the county. If you see them working at a Master Gardener project next spring, tell them thanks. They help make our county beautiful.

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