Make Someone Smile

Janet Gosch was surprised and pleased to be the recipient of a beautiful bouquet from Elegant Flowers, too.

Georgie and Donna  from Elegant Flowers in Greers Ferry surpirsed Sue Robb  last Friday with a bouquet and got a reward of seeing Sue smile.

Elegant Flowers and Gifts participated in the FTD National program called “Make Someone Smile” this year. They surprised a dozen residents at Indian Rock Village and received their reward in payment of smiles and lots of giggles last Friday around lunchtime. Florists Georgie Murphree and Donna Brown seemed to get as much enjoyment from giving away flowers as the recipients did when they were surprised with beautiful bouquets as shown in these photos. Georgie explained that they gifted some women they knew as past customers of the flower shop and the staff supervisors made sure that the recipients wanted to have their photos snapped during the process. Elegant Flowers and Gifts operates from their shop located at 8101 Edgemont Road in Greers Ferry. Next time you need some flowers or a unique gift, check out their shop.

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