Log Cabin Museum Gets Improvements

Log Cabin MuseumIn any language, a big “thank you” hardly says enough, but as the new director of the Log Cabin and Museum, I appreciate the assistance of Paul Wellenberger, City Mayor and Community Club General Manager, who assigned the maintenance crews from both entities to help revitalize the property. The crew repaired the bathroom floors, changed door handles in the Museum, storeroom and bathroom, removed poison ivy and weeds along the trail to the cave, cut the grass and removed weeds, limbs and debris from the lawn and flower garden, replaced railroad ties, swept the roof, cleaned out gutters, cut down a dead tree and removed the stored items from the porch of the Log Cabin. A few items still need to be done, like removing another dead tree, installing an underground water line for keeping shrubs and foliage alive and installing gutters on the Log Cabin so rainwater can be directed into a cistern, just like the “good old days.” Also planned is the installation of outdoor speakers so flute music can be played to welcome visitors. There will be ongoing maintenance, of course, but we’re on the way to making you proud to bring friends and family to enjoy the history of our area. If you would like to volunteer for this season, in any capacity, between now and November 1, please call Marilyn at 501-581-1638. Thanks again to “The Crew” and Paul Wellenberger Marilyn Robertson

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