Local Companies Join Forces To Bring Quality To Residents

Window Depot USA and the Brandmeyer Company, both of Fairfield Bay, have joined forces to bring a quality product and quality installation service to their customers.
Window Depot USA was founded in 2003 & grew into 54 franchise offices in 30 states and the Fairfield Bay office opened in 2008. Owner, Jim Venable said his ability to sell quality windows at such low prices is because the franchising company required all WDUSAs to buy the same window lines from the same manufacturer meaning the stores have DEEP BUYING PRICES & like the old horse trader said,” to make money son it ain’t what you sell it for that counts it’s what you buy it for”!
Leo Brandmeyer has been in the Home Service Repair business for 25 years, 10 of which began in Illinois and the remaining here in the Bay. “We handle any job that is too small for the big guy and to big for you. The Brandmeyer Co. is proud to work with Window Depot and still handle all your home repair needs,” said Brandmeyer. Leo realized that he was not able to buy the same quality window for what Window Depot USA can sell them for.
Summer is on the way and now is the time to install thermal pane windows around your home and reduce those cooling costs. Call 884.2200 for the best price and installation available in the area.

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