Living Moderately

by Renee’ Jones

Vinegar – Let me Count the Ways This little item in the pantry holds a whole host of natural remedies & uses around the house.
Did you know? From the Bible to Cleopatra to the fierce Samarai warriors of Japan, Vinegar has been documented as a powerful tonic that cures many ailments, & ensures strength, power, and long life!
Let me name just a few:
•Replaces many household cleaners Vinegar diluted and put in the ear wards off infection.
•Calm an upset stomach
•Control appetite to lose weight
•Improves memory
•Treats blemishes & age spots
•Strep & Staph infections?
Vinegar is a powerful antiseptic and kills dangerous bacteria on contact.
These are just a few of the MANY benefits of vinegar. Here are a couple of recommendations should you choose to examine the benefits of Vinegar.
Little book : “Vinegar over 400 uses” by: Vicki Lansky..lists uses and great recipes for daily living.
For more great tips Join my class on “Living in Moderation beginning again Wednesday, Feb.20th thru March 20th 2-4 pm Drop – ins welcome. More details Call: 501-884-4440.

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