Well 2013 kicked off with a bang in my world and I sure have learned some new tips to share.

The one that still stands out the most is how important it is to Drink at Least SIX 8 oz. glasses of water a day (or more).

Now of course we all know it is important to drink water But, did you know If you don’t get enough water, everyday, (especially as you age), it can cause physical weakness, dizziness, confusion of thought, and even partial to full blindness!

How did I learn this tip? The hard way. My Mom, who is strong and walks as fast as I do, (and I am pretty quick) started getting weak and very confused on a Wednesday and by Saturday she was having trouble getting up alone resulting in a fall.

Praise God, she didn’t get seriously injured. Since she wasn’t complaining of ailments X-rays were done and she was sent home. Then 2 days later she fell again & this time hit the shower doors and broke her nose. Back to the ER we went & the Dr. on duty asked more questions and took a urine test. That test came back showing she had an infection. We were informed it was the infection causing most of her problems and it was bad enough he admitted her 3 days. Here we are almost 2 weeks later and she is better but, still weak. We were told the type of infection she has is from lack of fluids; specifically water. The Dr. said, “Drinking tea, coffee, and grape juice is not acceptable fluids for daily intake.”

So, I end my column this week saying, please, DRINK YOUR WATER…

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