BUGS, BUGS, I’m Talkin’ about BUGS!!!

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “Gotta eliminate those pesky Bugs!” As the Citronella Queen, I have many “Mosquito” (Citronella) Plants in front and back of my condo.

I have even considered a Bat house, although I can’t figure out how to let them know: Only 2 are allowed, not 15 or 20, stuffed in one little house. LOL. Then my friend reminded me how we need the Bugs in the big scheme of things.

Did you know? Without insects operating dutifully about their ecosystems, our world would be a very different place than the one we’ve come to enjoy? Without Honey Bees, we would not have honey nor beeswax?

Blister Beetles – the chemical they secrete from their joints – called “Cantharidin” – is, ironically, used in some wart removal products. Lady Bugs are your ultimate garden protector, feeding on insects bent on the destruction of your plants.

Love ’em or loath ’em, Spiders serve a greater purpose than creeping you out. Spiders are the ultimate insect exterminators and work to keep the insect population in check by feeding on just about anything with more legs than you.

And even Mosquitoes serve a purpose, as a fabulous dining delicacy for my Bats. Smile:)

So, next time you catch yourself complaining about the darn bugs in the south; remember, they are part of what makes it a beautiful day in Fairfield Bay, AR.

Keep the bugs out of your 5 ft. perimeter: Try Avon Skin So Soft. It keeps the Bugs at Bay & it smells great too! Have a Fabulous, Blessed Day.

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