Oh, but I look so Cute!

Recently, my daughter and I were talking about her knee problems and I couldn’t help but say, “how about finding some lower heel shoes. Those couldn’t possibly be good for your knees.”

Her response, “Oh, but I look so Cute!”

I laughed but really, that’s not funny.

Even my parents are so style conscious they had suffering feet till recently. We finally talked my Dad into some Good comfy tennie shoes & thanks to Mr. Vandergrift, that’s all he talks about: how he should have got these shoes long ago.

Suffering with foot pain is one of the most common ailments found in people of all age groups. So today I share some good natural treatments:

•Daily – wear comfortable shoes. & save those too cute shoes for a night out, church, & short term wear.

•Clove oil is highly effective in treating headache, joint pain, athlete’s foot, nail fungus and also foot pain.

•Ice therapy is a great way to reduce pain and swelling of the feet.

•Try a vinegar wrap: For this remedy, take equal amounts of vinegar and water in two vessels. In one vessel use cold water and in the other use hot water. Now soak a towel in the hot water and vinegar mixture. Squeeze out the excess moisture and then wrap it around your foot. Leave it wrapped for five minutes. Next, repeat the process with cold water and vinegar mixture. Repeat the whole process at least three to four times.

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