Salads with a Flair!

As promised, I come sharing healthy, tasty and “stylin” Salads.

Thanks to Edible Flowers, we can Love our friends and neighbors by creating & sharing a fabulous flair of a Salad on our tables this spring! To name a few colorful blooms: Anise Hyssop- a sweet, licorice flavor. Arugula – a nutty, spicy, peppery flavor. Chives – onion flavor. Dandelion-buttery taste, similar to mushrooms…bonus point on this one: it makes a great wine to sip with your salad! Gardenia-light sweet flavor. Lilac – lemony, floral, pungent. Nasturtium – sweet, mildly pungent & can be pickled to use like capers. My favorite; Rose – sweet, aromatic flavor, just remember to remove the bitter white portion of the petals. Violet – sweet nectar. For a more detailed list including other great ways to utilize our spring flowers, check out this website: So, get on out there and cultivate your garden, not just to look at but, to brighten up your table and treat your taste buds! For more great tips on Daily Living, join my classes on “Living in Moderation.” Next session: Wednesday, June 12, thru July 10, 2013 2-4 p.m. Call the Community Education Center for more details : 501-884-4440.

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