Necessary Pollinators

Here we go stepping into Spring (I hope). One way we can aid in keeping Arkansas beautiful and living true to its State motto: “The Natural State” is by helping the cause of Pollinator Protection.

Honeybees have been disappearing in record numbers and not only them but, Butterflies too. It is amazing the importance of keeping them alive and well. Pollinators are a diverse and fascinating group of invertebrates and we have them to thank for beautiful blooming meadows, juicy summer berries, bountiful vegetable gardens colorful pumpkins and gourds.

So, I write today to encourage all home gardeners to help the cause of Pollinator Protection. How? By planting flowers and herbs, important food resources for all kinds of bees, butterflies & for us humans too. SMILE! No yard, that’s ok: Every flower border, bed and windowbox helps! Next time around, I’ll provide more info on the many types of edible flowers!

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