Thought it time I post a little blurb on just what it means to Live in Moderation. Many immediately think that is financially only. Not so. The actual definition of The Word is: A. Restraint of violent passions or indulgence of appetite. B. Calmness of mind; equanimity; as, to bear prosperity or adversity with moderation. C. Frugality in expenses. As you see expenses is the Last definition listed. Look at how much this little word covers a lot of territory in our lives. Attitudes, eating, collecting of so much Stuff we have no where to put it (watch for my next article is on Decreasing Clutter), controlling our tongue in adversity, and last but, not least the finances. And as you will see Temperance walks hand in hand with Moderation. Another good place to check out the meaning of these words is in His Word: examples: Philippians 4:5 say on Moderation & 1 Corinthians 9:25 on Temperance. By Webster’s definition alone you can see moderation applies to all aspects of our daily life. The goal with my articles is to supply the reader with Life tips for mind, body, and spirit so you will have the tools to live “somewhere in between” the extremes the world throws at you. To follow & gain more tips check out my website: Or join my classes at the Community Education Center this Fall. “Life is but this Moment, Choose Good Things!”

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