Jim Smith Society Visits Fairfield Bay

The Jim Smith Society has chosen Fairfield Bay for the annual Fun Fest, Wednesday through Saturday, July 17-20.

The Society is an organization group of two thousand, with members throughout the United States, Australia and two in Canada and each member is named Jim Smith. They and their families, come together once a year in various locations to renew friendships.

While staying in Fairfield Bay, the group will make side trips to Little Rock, Blanchard Springs Caverns and Mountain View.

The attendees include spouses, children and grandchildren from eight states this year.

Vice-President, Jim Smith, of Shawnee, Oklahoma, known as :Shawnee Smith,” invites any Jim Smiths in this area to come and join the group and become members. “They will be welcomed with open arms,” Smith said.

For more information, contact Weldon Smith at 501-723-4405.

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