Jan Crouch Promoted To Senior Director

Jan Crouch, Owner of Beauticontrol Spa Express, located in Fairfield Bay, was promoted to Senior Director at the Leadership Conference held in Dallas last week. To reach this goal, Mrs. Crouch and her team members met the requirements of $12,000 minimum in monthly product sales. Jan Crouch maintains a team of 20 and has developed a team of 68 consultants, located in five states outside Arkansas. Jan has maintained personal monthly sales and serves her community and outlying communities with a minimum of eight spa retreats each month or a total of 50 spas held by the team. During January, 2014, her team smashed the previous monthly sales more than $23,000 in product sales, reaching Number Three in the entire company in company growth. 674 Directors from Canada, Puerto Rico and the USA had competed during the new 2014 Campaign to launch the new products and treatments available March 1, 2014. Cont’d page 6 After moving to Fairfield Bay and ending her Education Specialist Career, Jan decided to start her business in Fairfield Bay in 2006, offering free spa services to the local community, as well as all guests visiting the area. This gave her the privilege of working from a home office, managing time and travel, saving taxes and using her skills in education to teach and develop people who wanted to start their spa business in their community. “This business has changed my life and our retirement. After the economic crash, I got a letter from my teacher’s retirement system that half of my money invested was gone. I started teaching at Morrilton Community College to make up for that income, and after back surgery, was not able to continue driving 60 miles to work and back three times a week. I had used Beauticontrol products for five years and loved them and wanted to serve my family, friends and community with the services this company offered. Earning the financial help, the company car, the money for home improvements, jewelry, travel and recognition in Dallas has been so exciting and personally fulfilling. However, the new friends I have made, the people I have worked with and developed, and the freedom to manage my own time has been the real reward of working this business. I have always loved teaching and that is what we do. We teach women how to use our products in their own home, on their own time, to relax, renew, enjoy pampering, release stress and help with the aging process to look better and feel. pretty.” Jan was promoted to Unit Director in September of 2011, while her husband was hospitalized in Little Rock. After moving to Fairfield Bay from Overland Park, Kansas, Jan wanted to offer another vacation option for women to enjoy.

Spa treatments offered to clients include a shoulder massage and warmed neckwrap, spa quality facial, anti-aging non-surgical instant face lift; as well as eye, lip, hand and foot treatments. All treatments are customized to the client and are given for free. Products are offered at the spa so that women can do their own spa treatments in their own homes and on their own time, which is more affordable. When Jan is not available, she recommends another certified skin care and spa specialist for you to contact to have your Beauticontrol spa. Do you belong to a women’s group where some of the women may be experiencing skin stress? Jan is available to bring a program to your group that will entertain and educate. She especially loves to address senior citizens (because she is 72 years old) and make them laugh. Brochures for Spa Themes are available. For instance, “Spa for Teachers,” Spa for Employees,” “Appreciation Spas,” “Women’s Church Retreat Spas,” “Muffins and Makeovers,” “Margaritas and Makeovers,” as well as “Perfectly Pampered and Relaxation.” Individual spas may be booked with Jan Crouch at her Spa Room, located in her home on Woodlawn Drive. Call (501) 253-3921. The Beauticontrol Team attends the Welcome Breakfasts for Timeshare and other guests. Office hours held by Jan include Monday, 1:30 – 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m., Friday 9 a.m. to noon. Spa Days are available on Tuesdays 1:30 – 3:30 pm. at the Hart Center; Thursdays by advance appointment only.

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