Jacks Is………..







By Sherry Guess Staff Writer.   Let me count the ways Jacks is…. Jacks is a convenience store. Jacks is a gas station. Jacks is a car wash. Jacks is a deli. Jacks is a restaurant. Jacks is a buffet. Jacks is a meeting place. Jacks is a place to rent videos. Jacks is a place to “hang out”. Jacks is a place to get lottery tickets, newspapers, directions, information and help. Jacks is all of these things and a whole lot more. Jacks is a place to stop in when you are down in the dumps. Someone will smile at you and call you by name and ask you how things are going. Jack Weeks sat down with me for a few minutes, allowing me to ask some questions. Jack and Kathy were living in Cabot and looking for a weekend getaway which brought them to Fairfield Bay to look around. That very first day, they wound up buying a nice little place on Pine Knot. When weekends turned into longer and longer stays, they realized that Fairfield Bay would be a great place to call home. They sold the small cottage and now reside on Whistling Pines. Jack was looking for something that he and his son, Jack Jr. could do together, and about that time, he found that Osborne’s on Dave Creek was up for sale. No one had restaurant experience but all had business acumen that translated into almost instant success in operating their new business, aptly called “Jacks”. The logo shows some playing card Jacks, incorporating a fun and games kind of spirit which this family takes with them wherever they go. Key to their operation was the fun factor. They wanted to have fun working and make friends with everyone in the community in the process. Check out their employees, Rena, Patti, Erica, Michelle, Jon and BJ and you will have to agree – these people are happy people and their enthusiasm is contagious. One of the busiest places in town on Sundays, Jacks draws a crowd from the local churches. Some of the Catholics, the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the Baptists and the Lutherans all make Sunday brunch at Jacks part of their routine. The food is always prepared fresh to order and always delicious. Jack says that Erica and Michelle cook up at least 200 breakfast orders on most Sundays. Add to that the full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner items, including Friday and Saturday night specials by Jon, plus the buffets, all cooked up by Kathy Weeks, and then an extra helping of cheerful staff offering great service, and there is nothing left to do but immerse yourself in a really good all around dining experience. I’ve been a witness to some pretty amazing acts of kindness while sitting in a booth , quietly enjoying a cup of coffee. One day, a woman of 90 plus years was approached by Jack, asking her for her keys which she gave him. After Jack walked outside I asked if she had car trouble. She smiled and said, “Nope. Jack just noticed my car was dirty and he’s out there washing it for me! He’s just like that”, she said! I have to agree. He is “just like that!”. Jacks is located at 540 Dave Creek Parkway in Fairfield Bay. They are open seven days a week and have seating for approximately 80 people at a time. They will host your party, your meeting or your group, just call Jack or Kathy at 884-6402 to find out more. Feel free to drop by even with a large group as they have ample seating to accommodate a crowd as shown in the photo collage here. Jack and Kathy have a daughter and son-in-law living in Germany where they have a very successful restaurant with a few weeks wait just to get in. Their formula is simple – just make the customer happy. Do whatever it takes. Jack and Kathy decided that they could adopt that same philosophy at their business in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas and it has worked like a charm.

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