Indian Hills Golf Course 2014-2015 Annual Membership and Trail Fee Agreement

Indian Hills Golf Course, owned and operated by Fairfield Bay Community Club Inc., offers residents and property owners of Fairfield Bay, Arkansas the opportunity to become a member. Annual members have the option to own and operate a private or Club owned golf cart on the grounds and shall be considered a privilege. Annual memberships and trail fee agreements start March 1, 2014 and end February 28, 2015. Annual memberships and trail privileges are non-transferable and may be cancelled or adjusted at any time by the Club.

The annual membership and trail privilege is created to provide a convenience alternative to residents and property owners of Fairfield Bay. The family membership includes both spouses and any children currently living at home. The Club reserves the right to revamp the annual membership and trail fee privilege to better reflect equitable business practices. Listed below are the existing annual membership and trail fee agreements and golf cart storage offered by the Club.

Annual Membership Greens Fee Cart Fee Trail Fee Single: $710.00, $795.00, $385.00 Family: $1,115.00, $1,100.00, $495.00 Golf Car Storage* (If available): $290.00 *See section 9. Below. (Taxes will be applied at the time of sale)

The payment of the annual membership and trail fee agreement must be paid in full by March 1, 2014 for existing annual members. Late payments will not be pro-rated.

Annual memberships may be pro-rated for new annual members only. Please see the Head Golf Professional for the pro-rated annual membership and trail fee amount. In the event an annual member no longer resides or owns property in Fairfield Bay during the first three months of the membership year, a pro-rated return may be issued.

All annual members will receive discounts on merchandise in the golf shop as follows. 15% OFF All in-stock logoed apparel (shirts/outerwear, excluding sales rack) 10% OFF All in-stock equipment (clubs, bags, gloves)

Golf cars to be privately owned and operated by a member of the Club and utilized on the Club’s grounds must be approved by the Club as complying each year as stated in the annual trail agreement defined below and may be amended by the Club from year to year.

All golf car companies’ makes and models are deemed usable provided they meet these minimal requirements. All privately owned and operated golf cars must have:

1. Sand bucket(s)/Bottle(s)
2. Canopy top and frame
3. Normal size tires with regular tread
4. Maximum of two (2) riders

For members who wish to forgo owning and operating a private golf car and use a club owned golf car; the following trail fee agreements do not apply.

As the owner of a privately owned and permitted golf car, the undersigned agrees to the following rules and regulations, which may be amended from year to year, as follows:
1. To hold the Club, its affiliates, partners, and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents harmless as a result of any loss or damage relating to the undersigned’s operation of a privately owned and permitted golf car, including, without limitation, personal injury and property damage.
2. To be fully responsible for any and all damages caused by the misuse of a privately owned golf car by myself, my spouse, my immediate family, guests and others.
3. To reimburse the Club for any and all damages the Club may sustain by reason of misuse, including, without limitation, damage to other golf cars and any property of the Club.
4. To maintain for the entire calendar year, liability insurance coverage on the operation of the undersigned’s privately owned golf car.
5. Violations of the Rules and Regulations regulating use of privately owned golf cars may result in the revocation of privately owned golf car privileges, playing privileges and the Club and/or a suspension or involuntary resignation of Club Membership.
6. Members of the Club with a privately owned golf car must always check in at the Club’s Golf Shop prior to beginning of play. Golf car traffic on the Club’s golf course is restricted to 9 and 18-hole rounds of play. Starting times must be scheduled through the Club’s Golf Shop. Private golf cars are not permitted to start at any time on any hole except #1 or #10 unless authorized by the golf shop staff.
7. The private golf car privilege includes the Member(s) associated with the specific type of membership selected. All persons operating a privately owned golf car must be 16 years of age or older and be able to provide a valid driver’s license.
8. Operation of a privately owned golf car shall be in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, statutes, ordinances and other governmental regulations.
9. Fairfield Bay Community Club, Inc. (FFBCC) will not be responsible for any injuries or property damage caused by or growing out of the use of the golf car storage area. The use of the golf cart storage area is entirely at the risk of the renter, as to theft, fire hazards, vandalism and windstorms. The renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the FFBCC from any and all liability, damages, penalties, judgments or claims whatsoever of any nature arising from injury to person or property by the same or by another in or about the leased space, except for willful acts of the FFBCC.

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