“In A Day” Classes Well Received By Tourists And Residents Alike

Chuck teaching Ukrainian Egg technique 7 24 13 James Cole Jewelry class 7 24 13 Kay Davis Jewelry Class 7 24 13

Summer’s One Day Classes are in full swing and well attended by our vacationers. The Jewelry Making Class, offered for $25 and taught by Bettye Ann Cooper, resulted in ten very satisfied students this week. James and Jordan Cole really only came to the class to please their mom, but afterward shared with us: “ I was surprised how much fun I had in the class and thought it was pretty cool.” James now has a totally different attitude and realizes that men can create jewelry that is masculine and attractive, too. He was willing to pose for the photo you see above, right.
Kay Thomas made (bottom, left) a very pretty bracelet and matching earrings, posed for a photo and commented, “This class was lots of fun and I have made the best souvenir to take home from my vacation, ever!”
Ukrainian Egg Decorating was attended by ten vacationing guests and one local resident. As you can see in the photo above, Chuck Dawson patiently worked with each student so they could learn this art form. Several of the students wound up buying kits to take home and continue learning and making more Ukrainian Eggs for themselves and also teach to other groups in their own hometowns.

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