Hula, Hula, Hula

Hula with MariaDid you know there are many styles of Hula dances?  If you saw nine-year-old Olivia Mae Elofsson perform at Indian Rock Village or the Senior Center last week, you may even have learned to dance the most well known Hula, the Hawaiian Hula.  Olivia also delighted the audiences with her interpretations of the New Zealand and Tahitian style hulas.  She is from Fort Worth, Texas, but is visiting her grandmother in Fairfield Bay, Maria Quillen, who encouraged Olivia to dance from the time Olivia was three years old.  Even though the talent was inherited naturally, Olivia has taken dance lessons since the age of four.  Her varied dance routines include ballet, tap, jazz, and starting this summer, the hip hop.  In addition to a busy dance timetable, Olivia plays the piano, is in choir, has earned her green belt in Karate and is an honor roll student.




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