How Old is My Cat or Dog

Most people have a general idea of how pets age. It’s widely known that our furry companions grow older much more quickly than humans. But it’s important to understand what the exact age equivalent is so owners can care for their animals appropriately through the years.

A one year old puppy is full of vibrant energy similar to that of a child of the same age. When a dog turns 5 it is in it’s prime, just like a 35 year old person. A 10 year canine can be compared to a 70 year old, walking with a slower pace and is more docile.

With cats, there is a misconception that, as in dogs, cats age 7 times faster than humans. But their life cycle is far more nuanced. According to “Catster,” during their 1st year, it progresses to age 15 in human years. Once cats turn 2 years, they are actually closer to 24, 3 years would be 28. Subsequently, the actual age of cats as compared to humans can be calculated as four years for every full calendar year. For example, a 5-year old feline would be 36 in cat years.

So, as your cat or dog grows older, you will no doubt see the physical and personality changes. It is important to keep them as active as possible and fuel their energy through an appropriate diet and, of course, lots of love !


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