Hippe Recycle And Education Center A Success

The first test of the education center program of the Hippe’s Recycle and Education center was an outstanding success.

The Cub Scout Pack from Greers Ferry lead by Cubmaster Kelly Perkins arrived Saturday morning with bags of recyclables.

The out door e-waste pavilion was full of Cub Scouts, Leaders, and Parents.

After the welcome and an explanation of the sequence of activities, everyone was asked to walk the recycle information walk and read the recycle signs.

Around the walk are seven (7) very attractive signs explaining what we recycle, why it is important, and what happens to the recycled material. I was truly amazed at the interest they showed at each sign.

During the e-waste (Electronic waste) education phase the group learned to identify items to be recycled, why it is important, because of the toxic material used to make that item, also to recover the valuable metals, and where the items go for repair and recycling. During the presentation bags of recycled e-waste items from the Federal prison in Texarkana Arkansas was given to the group to examine and see what recycle e-waste looks like after repair or processed. The importance of the e-waste recycling program in the prison was explained.

The group moved into the recycle center where Steve Sutay standing in a big pile of recyclables explained and demonstrated how to identify different recyclables, and to place the item in the right container, in the pile some non- recyclables were present. Steve demonstrated what to do with non-recyclable items. You would have to see to believe how quick the Cubs cleaned the floor, and did a better job of sorting the right recyclables into the right container than some adults!

Jim Wilkins (the volunteer on duty) explained the cardboard baler, and how to identify the corrugated cardboard we can bale. The cubs really enjoyed filling the baler and watching the cardboard get made into a bale. Then it was around corner to the big green baler. Everyone looked in the baler to see where the #1pete (water bottles etc.) was going to go. The cubs loaded the baler and took turns pushing buttons.

When quiet returned we had a question and answer period, followed by a review of what was covered. After everyone used the hand cleaner, recycle coloring books and other information was given to everyone. The cubs thanked us and the Cubmaster stated the visit was far more than expected or imagined. They are truly ready to recycle.

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