Hiking Group Expands To Become An Outdoor Adventure Group

The Fairfield Bay Hiking Group has diversified it’s activities to include canoeing the Buffalo River, biking, lake activities etc. As such, the Group has been renamed the Fairfield Bay Outdoor Adventure Group, similar to the Arkansas Outdoor Adventure Club .. From a Faifield Bay marketing perspective this expansion in the group’s activities should be more appealing to the Baby Boomers we are trying to recruit to the Bay. Research has shown that Baby Boomer retirees are looking for much more than fishing, cards, golf and Country Club socials in their retirement! Participation in Health Clubs and outdoor activities requiring some physical exertion are more appealing to this generation.” As such, there is a need to expand the perceived image of retiring in Fairfield Bay. On behalf of older baby boomers, Jerry Garcia, of the Greatfull Dead band, said it best with, “Somebody has got to do something …. it is just pathetic it has to be us ”

The intent of this group and it’s mailing list, serve to also allow ANYONE to post an “Adventure” and find anywhere from a one to a herd to join them. This could be a last minute adventure, to the waterfalls in Newton County following a heavy rainfall. It could be a request for others to go explore an Arkansas City on bikes etc. In Fairfield Bay , if you have an interest in a particular activity, there are others in this community who would like to do the same thing with you . Our mailing list will allow you to find others to participate with you in that activity.

Scheduled events for 2013 include; July 30 – A Pontoon party on the Lake for those without access to a boat September 28 -Bike Ride in Little Rock October 26 – Hike the “Goat Trail ” in Newton County November 2 – Hike the Pedestal Rock Trail west of Clinton For more information contact Tom Welch at

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