Hike Club Enjoys Scenic Ozarks


The second winter hike of the Fairfield Bay Hiking Group involved traversing two trails on January 19 . The Group car pooled from Fairfield Bay to Deb’s Fixin’s. a cafe in Alread west of Clinton, where a hearty breakfast buffet was consumed. . The Group then headed west along Highway 16 to the Pedestal Rock and King’s Bluff Falls trail heads west of Ben Hur. The first hike was to the Kings Bluff water fall , is about 100 ft high and is one of the highest water falls in Arkansas . however, water only flows over this fall after heavy rains . After the recent heavy snow and rain falls a moderate amount of run – off was flowing over the falls the day the Group hiked .

The Group then looped back to the trail head and headed down the very scenic Pedestal Rock Trail . The Pedestal Rock Trail is a relatively flat and short trail but was the most scenic trail the Group has hiked yet . The trail meanders along a rock cliff top for much of the hike . This trail provides exceptional panoramic views of the Boston Mountain range. Along this trail are a number of unique “pedestal rock” formations which stand alone off the edge of the cliff top . These were formed by erosion over the centuries.

The Fairfield Bay Hiking Group heads out about once a month from November through May . The spring outings include a canoe float trip down the Buffalo River. If you are interested in being kept informed of this groups outings please contact Tom Welch at [email protected] or 884-3135

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