Help Wanted Community Club Board

This year’s election of new Board members is amplified with the need to fill three positions opening on the Board. Last year two positions were open and only one candidate presented for election. The Board filled the unelected position with a volunteer member for one year.

The unelected 2012 position must be presented again this year as a two year term, insuring prescribed rotations of Board members. Further, two candidates are needed this year to fill the expiring terms of two present Board members. These two positions will be for the normal three year period.

Leadership from a Board comprised of members with solid business backgrounds is a critical element for the continuing growth and success of our ownership’s investment. The Club is responsible for more than $9M in assets and guides an annual budget in excess of $6M.

The Bay is blessed with an amazing talent pool, diverse professional backgrounds and distinguished careers. Please consider serving the needs of our property owners this year as we seek to fill three positions on the Board.

Watch the FFB News and your mail for additional information as we enter this year’s election cycle.

Community Club Board of Directors
Dwayne Miller

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