He Outpaced The Pacers



IMG_8173He outpaced the Pacers and won the “Twist” Contest at almost 96 years of age. The 1934 graduate of Cotton Plant High School, James E. White, with the help of his daughter, Anita White Wellings, captured the hearts of the crowd with their dancing efforts at the twist and were rewarded with the applause of the crowd and a prize t-shirt donated by the evenings’ entertainment, Sonny Burgess and the Pacers.

Pictured above:L-R Attendees at the Cotton Plant reunion held May 25 at the Brinkley Convention Center in Brinkley, Arkansas. Ben C. White, Jr. (1940 graduate), Anita White Wellings, daughter of James E. White, James E. White (1934 graduate), Ginger White Lane, daughter of James E. White, Elizabeth Ann Chilson White (1961 graduate and wife of V.P. White), Victor Paul White (1943 graduate). All three are surviving sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. White of Cotton Plant, Arkansas. Sadly missed was Arthur E. White, who passed in 2011.

Pictured right: L-R Anita Wellings and her father, James E. White, the oldest attending member of Cotton Plant High School, at three weeks shy of his 96th birthday.

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