Happy Days Are Here Again Soups & Desserts For Misssions



The Fairfield Bay United Methodist Church will again be serving lunch for those who like soup. This includes dessert and beverage, as well as beautiful music by WAYNE MUHS.Wow all this for $6!!! Soup is on from 11:30 a.m. thru 1 p.m. with take-out available. Get a load of this menu!!! March 4 Brat Soup and Potato Soup. March 11 Taco Soup and Hearty Vegetable Soup. March 18 French Cabbage Ham Soup and Broccoli-Cheese March 25 Vegetable Beef and Creamy Tomato Soup Cut this article out right now and put it where you will see it. Proceeds will go for local and worldwide mission projects.

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