Greers Ferry Lake Fishing by Slo Poke

photo 3Winter pattern fishing has started with Whites schooling on the bottom, mixed with a few Hybrids. Water depth is between 40 – 60 feet, with Whites suspended at 40’ in the deeper water. Good catches of Whites have been made in the Jungle, at the Hump, east side of the Edgemont bridge and Dave Creek. A few Hybrids have been caught at Point 6, along with some Walleye and Bass. The Big Flat, east of Point 14, has been producing some Crappie and Bass. Whites and Hybrids are excellent eating, when cleaned properly. Lake Level as of November 6 is 459.20. Normal is 461.44. Water temperature 64 degrees. Good Fishing! Create your own design with the fish you catch with the Bud Lady guide Service. Pictured above is the Miami Dolphins design.

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