Got Your Tickets Yet?

Fun RaiserThe “Fun”d Raiser for Our Towne Conference & Visitor Center is fast approaching, as is the completion of the renovation.  With your support, Our Towne can purchase the needed items not covered in the grant the City received.  One way to have fun AND support Our Towne is to buy a ticket for $25 to attend the Blue Grass Gospel and Food Court style eatery on Saturday, September 7.  Remember, bring your lawn chair.  The fun and food starts at 5:30 p.m., with The Sounds of Praise beginning the music at 6 p.m.  Senator Jason Rapert’s band, Living Grace, will follow with his special brand of bluegrass gospel.  Call your neighbors and get a group together to enjoy this “fun”d evening. Stop in the City Office or the Newspaper Office to purchase your tickets.

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