Flying Old Glory?

us-flagPatriotic holidays like Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day, inspire proud Americans across the nation to show their patriotism by displaying the American Flag.

Displaying the American Flag is a wonderful way to show respect for our country and for all those in uniform who have defended it throughout our history. There are guidelines to follow, under the federal law, known as the “Flag Code” whenever handling or displaying the flag.

*It’s OK to display the flag ‘round the clock, but you should illuminate it during nighttime hours.

*Hoist it briskly and lower it slowly and ceremoniously.

*Be sure to bring your flag in if it rains or snows, unless it’s made of an all-weather material.

*If you would like to display a flag on your car or truck, affix it to the chassis or clamp it to the right front fender.

*The blue and white stars field – known as “the union” – should always be up: at the top of the flag if it’s on a staff or pole, uppermost and to the observer’s left, if the flag is being displayed horizontally or vertically against a wall.

*Bunting is an acceptable patriotic display; arrange it with the blue portion at the top, the white in the middle and the red at the bottom.

*The flag should be kept from touching the ground, floor, water or anything beneath it.

*When a flag becomes worn and is in such a condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way. One way to do that is to give the flag to a local VFW for proper disposal.

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