Fishing Report by Slo Poke

Bud Lady FishingWhites are still being caught up the rivers along with a few crappies.Bud Lady Fishing has done well on whites during the last week.Bass are waking up with the rising water temps,57 degrees on Wednesday. A few walleyes were caught in the lake last week,so they are out or coming out of the rivers. This is the time of year to start trolling crank baits for walleye, Berkley flicker shads is a good choice. Game and fish will have more of a presents on the lake this year, have your boat in order. Be safe and good fishing.
We’re Mike and Linda Flint from Crown Point, Indiana. We arrived in Fairfield Bay last Saturday. Amid a multitude of material in our packet was a business card for “Bud Lady Fishing Guide.” How fortunate for us! My husband booked a trip on Monday for me and our two grandchildren, Tony and Ashley Miller. From the beginning I knew he had chosen right. We had a blast, from start to finish. Terri and Darren believe that fishing should be a joyous occasion. We “woo-hooed” every time we caught a fish. We were sorry to see the day end, so we booked for the next day and even Grandpa went. The second day was as much fun as the first; another “woo-hoo” celebration. Great memories were made thanks to Terri and Darren. They are genuine people who treat you like family.

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