Fireplace Reborn

Jim fire 2Due to generous donations made to the Our Towne Conference and Visitor Center, the fireplace was repaired and made ready for new life. After the repairs, the new materials had to set for four weeks before a fire could start. Fred and Willena Herman, with the help of Carl Wiley and Grant Olson, delivered a generous donated supply of fire wood and then, all we had to do, was wait for the time to pass. Wednesday, January 22, was the day to start a fire and test out the repaired fireplace. Jim Studts, a volunteer at the center, was given the honor to build our first fire. The fireplace is a beautiful addition to the conference center and we are sure it will bring us and our visitors lots of comfort and relaxation. Please come by for a cup of coffee, enjoy the fire and relax. Remember that free wi fi is always available.

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