Fiddler On The Roof Clinton HighSchool March 31 – April 2

Who is this pictured above and starring in the play? Go to our website at and send an email entry naming this person. We will draw a winner from all those who correctly respond and some lucky person will receive free tickets to the play!
Fiddler On The Roof, a musical production, involves 46 local and talented actors and production staff from both Clinton HS and our local area. This play was performed on Broadway for eight continuous years, and received nine Tony Awards.
We are excited to bring this wonderful play to life here in our town, providing a great opportunity for all of us who have not had the chance to enjoy live theater in the past.
Clinton High School Auditorium has seating for 2,000 people and the performers are our friends and relatives who you will see in a new light after experiencing firsthand, their riveting performances. They have been rehearsing since October, under the direction of some very capable, experienced showmen.
Tickets are available at local banks and priced at just $8.-adults; $5.- students; $2 – children 5 and under.
Look for more information in next weeks paper, but buy your tickets now and mark your calendars so you won’t miss this play.

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