FFBCC Insurance Savings Exceed $30,000

Your Club Board and Staff work diligently to identify opportunities to use Club fees in the most efficient means possible. Recently, through a bidding process managed by our CFO, Jack Keathley, insurance policy costs for the 2013 – 2014 billing period were secured at a savings of $30K less than the budgeted amount.

Working through our insurance agent, 14 separate policies protecting property, automotive, buildings, liability and fiduciary coverage were fashioned using 8 different insurance companies at a total cost of $285,113. That figure represents a savings of $30, 573 versus budgeted dollars for that period.

Paul Wellenberger, GM, has challenged all operations and amenity management to seek new savings and efficiencies at every level as we continue to move Club assets toward a traditional business based management process.

Your Club staff is doing a commendable job of stretching your dollars. This particular circumstance highlights that along with the incremental gains we see each day, some particularly noteworthy savings are also achieved.

Jack Keathley was assisted in this process by Sharon Boone, Assistant GM, who is heavily immersed in the risk management aspect of Club operations. Remember to thank every Club associate for their efforts, but a special thanks is in order for Jack and Sharon for their efforts, and results, in this particular endeavor.

Community Club Board of Directors /Dwayne Miller

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