FFBCC Audit Results

Thomas & Thomas LLP, the CPA firm that conducted the audit of our financial reports for the year ended December 31, 2012, met with the Board of Directors to share their findings on April 3, 2013.

They found our accounting team to have delivered a clean report, requiring zero journal entries for corrective action. The firm was extremely complimentary of the work by Jack Keathley, CFO, and Jennifer Mook, Senior Accountant. The Board extends their thanks to Jack and Jennifer and the entire staff who participated in this outstanding result.

This firm has provided our annual audit service for a number of years and are very attuned to our business performance. They applauded our cost reduction efforts, debt reduction efforts, and investment in our marketing program as keys to solidifying the Bay’s future success. They correctly cautioned that the Bay’s infrastructure continues to age and repairs, updates, and replacement costs are anticipated future burdens to ongoing operations.

Your Board remains committed to a lean operation system. The marketing program in 2012 created a solid foundation for the marketing efforts being implemented in 2013. Watch this column for additional marketing updates as they become available.

Community Club Board of Directors
Dwayne Miller

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